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New!! We Now Offer Commercial Energy Brokering and Purchasing!!

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Save time, money and effort

Using our extensive experience in providing technical energy advice to a wide variety of organisations we can accurately source competitive energy tariffs and contracts for you. Many energy purchasing specialists and suppliers lack this unique technical ability to fully understand your organisation's energy needs.  As such, many contracts quickly become more costly and expensive than originally anticipated and can commit you to long-term liabilities which do not reflect your actual consumption characteristics or match your changing business needs. They quickly become obsolete millstones and do not provide you with value for money.

Typically, one of the first things an organisation will do to reduce its energy costs is try to negotiate a lower energy tariff deal. Due to the number of different tariffs, energy providers and energy purchasing specialists, all vying for your business, this can become a complex and time absorbing task for any Finance or Energy Manager.

PASCHALi can sift and cut through all these complexities and find the right tariff and deal specifically tailored to your organisation.


What people say about our Energy Purchasing Service:

"I’ve known the PASCHALi team for a good number of years and have always been impressed by their honesty, professionalism and expertise. Due to this, they helped my clients get a better understanding of their current energy consumption and spend and find better commercial energy contracts. They grasped the complexities of their multiple energy contracts and found competitive rates that would save thousands and make energy management easier. Their communication was excellent throughout.”

- Rasik Popat, Sales Executive, IDC Ltd/IDC Purchasing Services Limited


“We appointed PASCHALi as our energy broker to deal with the high cost of our utilities across our portfolio. They sourced a variety of competitive rates and presented significant cost savings clearly and professionally. PASCHALi have been easy to deal with, knowledgeable and prompt throughout and have simplified the whole process for us.”

- Julian Malone, Facilities Manager, i2 offices 

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